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This section of our website contains stories, films, social media, a Who’s Who and more for each of our networks. Please be sure to check back regularly for new content.

Network 1: Swansea West

Network 1 supports 30 people who mostly live in the West of Swansea . They receive 2264 hours of support per week, and employ about 80 people.

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Network 2: Swansea West

Network 2 supports 34 people who live in west of Swansea.They receive 2251 hours of support per week, and employ about 88 people.

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Network 3: Swansea Central

Network 3 supports 27 people who live in central Swansea. They receive 2033 hours of support per week, and employ about 83 people.

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Network 4: Swansea Central & East

Network 4 supports 35 people who live in the Swansea area. They receive 2817 hours of support per week, and employ about 106 people.

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Network 5: Neath Port Talbot

Network 5 supports thirty people who live in their own homes in Pontardawe, Neath, Briton Ferry, Aberavon and Margam areas, who, together, received 2384 hours of support per week.We employ around ninety people, including eight Support Managers and two Registered Managers. As a community we consider ourselves very lucky that we know each other well, as we have lived in the same location, and with the same people, for many years. Also, a lot of our staff members have been with us for some time, ensuring familiarity and continuity.

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Network 6: Neath Port Talbot

Here in the network we provide support to twenty three ladies and gents who live in shared accommodation, and eleven people who live independently with a few hours a week of sessional support. We have a committee where the staff support individuals to plan activities they want to take part in. Activities have included evenings at the theatre, various days out, parties, and the opening of ‘Eddies Bar,’ situated and managed by the gents living at Wildbrook. As a network, we support each other to be able to participate in all activities, by sharing staff and ‘buddying up.’ This ensures all the people we support can access the activities they enjoy.

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Network 7: People who need drop-in support

Our network supports a variety of outgoing individuals, all of whom have individual and varied hobbies and interests. They live in a range of settings; some have small, sessional support, and others have 24 hr support. Having the correct support levels mean they can be involved in what matters to them, and they can do the things that are important to them and make them happy.

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Network 8: Intensive support in Swansea

In April 2015 Network 8 supported 12 people who live in shared houses, and 11 people who receive intensive day time support or respite support. Together they receive 1813 hours of support per week. The network also includes the Workshop and Maintenance service, which ensures that tenants homes are well maintained. This also includes 12 people we support who are employed delivering this service to other tenants. The Network also employs 77 people.

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