What we’ve done…

We have designed this site so that it is easy to use and accessible for everyone.
We have made the website accessible in two main ways, by:

  • Providing font re-size accessibility in the header of our website section.
  • Making sure the website supports all ‘standards compliant’ web browsers, including audio browsers.


We’ve installed Browsealoud on our website to make it as accessible as possible. Please watch this short video, so you’ll be able to take advantage of its powerful features.

Why should I make my computer accessible?

Any standards compliant website will respond to the settings on your computer to display the site how you want to see it. For example, if you want to read websites in large text, you can set your computer’s browser to increase the text size.

You can customise your computer in a number of ways, by setting things like:

  • text size
  • text colour
  • background colour
  • images on or off
  • audio, so the site is read aloud to you.

To get the most out of this website, and the internet in general, you may want to customise the accessibility settings on your computer.

How can I make my computer accessible?

The BBC’s accessibility website, My web, my way provides excellent guidance on how to make the most of your computer.
These are some of the options they provide:

For more information visit: My web my way.