Locality 1A – Cwmbwrla and Landore

Locality 1A – Cwmbwrla and Landore

The Consortium supports 19 people in this local area.
● These people live in 8 different houses or flats in the area.
● Together these people get 977 hours of support and 126 sleeping hours.
● This support is arranged by Swansea Council. This support is provided by
Community Lives Consortium.
● These people have 31 staff who are employed to support them.
● 18 of these people are tenants of Coastal Housing Association.

The Key People in Locality 1 are: 


Cath Williams – Cath is the Locality Manager who manages the support in Locality 1. Cath can be contacted by email at catherine.williams@communitylives.co.uk or by ringing the Consortium office on 01792 646640.




Locality Support Manager: Jonathan Thomas



Personal Support Managers:  


Marianne Bevans;




Carly Lloyd;



Andrea Gwyther;




Scott McDonnell;


You can read more about Locality 1 in the Locality Improvement Report please click on the link HERE