West Glamorgan Housing Consortium begins

West Glamorgan Housing Consortium begins

July 3, 1989

The Consortium is set up, to coordinate support and housing for people who have a learning disability in West Glamorgan.

1989 – West Glamorgan Housing Consortium Begins

  • Maurice WildeMaurice Wilde – Retired first Chairman and Founding Member –
    “West Glamorgan Social Services recognised the need for an independent organisation to create good quality accommodation and support for people with learning disabilities in the county. In making this happen the support of Social Services Managers such as Mike O’Leary, Mike Thomas and Richard Leggett must be recognised together with the determination of the Consortium’s first Director Chris Smith.”

  • Chris Smith photoChris Smith – Retired first Chief Executive –
    “When appointed Director of WGHC in 1989, my remit was to find other agencies to provide housing and support for prospective tenants. Eventually the Consortium had to do it itself and now look where it is today. Best Wishes for another 25 years.”

  • Margaret EvansMargaret Evans – Retired Director of development –
    “It was exciting times at WGHC almost going into unknown territory but always knowing that we were helping people to rightfully have their own homes with the right level of support to achieve this, we were pioneers of choice, independence and better lives.”