Time to Meet progresses in first year

Time to Meet progresses in first year

November 11, 2013

Time to Meet has over 300 members and organises 23 groups and events in its first year.

More Stories – 2013

  • Christine TurtonChristine Turton –
    “I love history, particularly the Tudors, so I loved my visit to Hever Castle with staff support. It’s where Anne Bolyn spent her early youth.”

  • Jenny DaviesJenny Davies, Swansea Participation Service – Partner Organisation
    “The Time 2 Sing choir has confirmed my belief that everyone can enjoy singing. Music is a brilliant way to bring people together, combining skills of teamwork, listening and sharing. Long may it continue!”

  • Lisa Hopkins – Family Member
    “My son is enjoying Life, which is great! The only difficulty for me is trying to fit in with his wonderful social life! Thanks for everything you and the staff do, his quality of life is truly enhanced and he’s happy as Larry!”