Sub groups and forums

Sub groups and forums

November 11, 2001

Sub groups and forums are set up to involve lots of people in the management of the Consortium.

More Stories – 2001 / 2002

  • Clive JeffriesClive Jeffries –
    “Being with Community lives, I have been able to achieve many goals and be as independent as I can be. A highlight was travelling to Somme and visiting all the places I am interested in to do with World War 1.”

  • Christine HarriesChristine Harries –
    “Without the staff’s help I would never have found out that I had a brother. It is wonderful, he visits me regularly and this has changed my life”

  • Alice OSullivan - Director of OperationsAlice O’Sullivan – Team Member
    “I would not want to work anywhere or with anyone else in Wales.”

  • Tenant Services Department
    “It has been lovely to see the people we support gain more independence over the years with regards to their money. We have felt great to be involved with new ideas and approaches to this work and to develop our support in line with the modern living.”