T2M Tales: Sarah and Glenda spend their Time Credits!

T2M Tales: Sarah and Glenda spend their Time Credits!

January 26, 2017

Sarah’s story

Hello. My name is Sarah. I am quite a new member of Time 2 Meet and earn my time credits by helping out the Admin Group with their paperwork. It’s nice to get to know the members and to do something different from my usual line of work.


Recently I met some friends from Canada on their holiday touring the UK. We met in London as they wanted to see some of the sights. Luckily I had time credits I had earned and had some ‘gifted’ to me from a family member, so I had a stash of time credits!

I was able to treat the four of us to a visit to the Tower of London. It was a great place. My Canadian friends are fascinated by our history as they don’t have the historical sites we have here in the UK. They were aware of time banking as Ottawa launched a time banking system in 2013 similar to Time 2 Meet but on a much larger scale. My time credits saved me nearly £100. Great!


I then entered the Explorer’s competition that Time 2 Meet was running. The prize being free pass to the Swansea and Bournemouth game at the Liberty Stadium on New Year’s Eve, lunch and seats in the hospitality box donated for the game from JCP Solicitors. We had a fabulous lunch and good seats (heated). All this just from working a few hours over the past few months! Can’t wait to see what Time 2 Meet comes up with next!
















Glenda’s Story

Glenda won tickets to see the Swansea City. She won these as a part of the Time 2 Meet Spice Time Credit spend competition,

Glenda and Melanie went to see the Swansea play against Bournemouth on New Year’s Eve. We had lunch at the stadium which was lovely.

Glenda and Melanie had a fab day really enjoyed watching the football but was not impressed with the score as Swansea lost!!!

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