Network 8 – Our Year in 2015

January 28, 2016

Many of the people we support have complex behavioural needs and this can impact on their ability to access mainstream services and facilities in their local community so support from staff is tailored to each person so that they can access some of these services.

All the people in our network receive a high level of clinical input and Positive Behaviour Support Plans are developed by network members (wherever possible) and a multi-disciplinary team which supports them.

Where people get support to live in shared properties, we provide opportunities to learn and develop new skills and to have new opportunities for leisure including holidays that they may not have had before. For some people this has included surfing and rock climbing.

Michael has moved on from helping to walk dogs at a local animal rescue centre to caring for the animals and cleaning out their kennels/cages and ensuring their bedding is changed. He has really enjoyed this, it has offered him focus and helped to calm him when he is anxious.

Our respite and day service serves 11 people who live with their families. The day service base helps people access the community as well as opportunities for gardening, cooking and art & craft sessions. Its semi-rural location means that it is safe and potentially relaxing however it is close to shops and amenities.

The respite service provides a homely environment for people who use it while offering a much needed break for many of their relatives.

People have got greater confidence and independence through the year, however some have also faced some difficult times such as dealing with the loss of parents or siblings.

The social storyboards that we have used to support them through bereavements or other transitions in their lives have helped them to communicate with us and enabled them to express their feelings in a way that feels safer.

The workshop is an important part of our network. People can learn skills and trades such as carpentry and painting and decorating and also art and craft designs. It is a vibrant team where the qualified tradesmen, support staff and network members work together to serve the wider tenant group.

In the future we want to look at how we support our network members to integrate with both the other Consortium networks and the wider community. As a lot of our members have autistic spectrum disorders we have to consider environment and location before moving forward. We are considering using Woodlands base on evenings and weekends for get-togethers and as a base for activities such as a walking group to explore the local area.