Network 7 – Our Year in 2015

January 28, 2016

We have a big network. Getting people together to help them to make connections and create common interests is important.

To help this we organised 3 events:

  • A summer fun day where we sold cakes we had made and played bingo.
  • A Halloween event, where we all shared our What Matters to Us posters so we could see the things we like, and the things we wanted to organise together – as well as dressing up and having a good time.
  • The Christmas disco was held in the Samlet Club people dressed up brought food and had a good time.

These events have helped tenants and staff to get to know each other better, as a result members have shared staff for holidays to enable people to go on holiday that could not have gone on their own.

We are also pleased this year that a number of staff have completed the QCF programme so that they have developed their knowledge, experience and have gained a qualification.

A number of network members have taken steps to greater independence.

  • Marie has taken more control of her own independence and now has minimal support.
  • Adam has moved from a staff supported house to living in his own flat with drop in support. He has developed his skills and now takes his own medication which has enabled him to arrange to go away on holiday and trips on his own.
  • William passed the first part of his driving assessment and is looking forward to some driving lessons in the near future, then hopefully go on to passing his driving test with help and support.
  • Rhian enjoyed her first independent night away at the Towers where she enjoyed delicious food and a show.

Network members have played a big part in Time 2 Meet. Adam hosted a night as part of ‘Come Dine with Me’ and has been a long standing member of the walking group. He is now a qualified walking group leader.

The Time 2 Meet Admin group has 6 members from our network including Phillip, Craig and Gary. They are really enjoying putting their skills to good use and planning activities and events.