Network 4 – Our Year in 2015

January 28, 2016

We have formed a Network Committee to help involve all its members in the running of the Network. The members include the people we support and staff.

Network members like to get together regularly and have celebrated with a Christmas party and a Summer ball and have a Halloween ball coming up in the Autumn.

Some of the people we support have taken on more responsibility with Time 2 Meet. Andrea organises a jewellery class; opens the venue and locks it up once it is finished.

Mervyn has decided to make a contribution by cleaning up his local area. He has made a film about his experiences which can be seen on the Consortium’s you tube channel.

Some of the network members who live in separate properties also share holidays which means they can share the expense of extra staff support and have fun at the same time.

Four young women who moved in together in Summer 2014 purchased their own vehicles to enable them to get out and about. They now enjoy Time 2 Meet activities, going to pubs; restaurants; gardens; lady’s nights; cinema and visiting relatives to name a few things. Sometimes these activities are not planned they go on impulse and thoroughly enjoy themselves.

We are very pleased that two ladies in our network also celebrated their 70th birthdays this year.

Our Network plans for the coming year are to support the people we support and staff through the restructuring process which we have had to put in place to manage the cuts in funding in 2015.

As we move towards the future we are looking to develop the committee’s role within the network, we will continue to build relationships within our teams and into the larger community. This will help us to have more discussion with the people we support to assist them to achieving their personal goals.