Locality 2A – Fforestfach Area

Network 2 – Our Year in 2015

January 28, 2016

Richard, Robert and Peter have developed their small farm on the Loughor estuary even further. They have purchased a polytunnel and grown lots of vegetables and flowers all from seed. They have also made the vegetable plot much bigger this year and have successfully grown potatoes, carrots and green beans. During the Time 2 Meet summer fete they sold some of their pots and hanging baskets.

Three other people from the Network have also been helping to grow food on their land. Jobs undertaken included planting seeds and watering, weeding, laying bark to make paths, feeding the chickens and ducks and also collecting the eggs.

Andrew has regularly collected eggs and vegetables and then taken them home with him and used these to make himself lunch. Richard, Robert and Peter are always looking for more people to help because there is always more to do.

With their agreement the whole Network has hosted ‘get togethers’ at the farm, they have been lucky through the summer and had BBQ’s outside in their beautiful gardens.

Sean, Paul and Andrew who live together in Gorseinon have started a regular pool night, this has been very popular. There is a prize for the winner and also a buffet for all who attend.

Rebecca who is a regular member of the Admin Group has now started to work at the Consortium offices as part of the information team and is enjoying this.

Lots of people within Network 2 attend the Time 2 Meet walking group and have said they enjoy making new friends and it also helps to keep them fit and healthy.

Some of these events have encouraged people to stretch their personal skills; Carol now attends the coffee morning in Gorseinon independently, she catches 2 buses to get there. She says she has met up with some old friends that she hasn’t seen for a while and also enjoys stopping at Roma’s for lunch.

In the coming year people in Network 2 are also looking forward to be able to use the multi-sensory room and other facilities at the local special needs service in the evenings and weekends through an arrangement that will be managed by Time 2 Meet members.

The network has discussed the changes that all networks are making to save money in 2015, most people said making sure they had access to regular staff to support them was most important. Some people did not agree with the introduction of the food policy which stops staff being able to share food with tenants but understood that the money saved would help to give support staff a pay rise which is very important.