Locality 1A – Cwmbwrla and Landore

Network 1 – Our Year in 2015

January 28, 2016

Over the past year we have been involved in all sorts of activities and meetings that were important to us. We have done this as individuals, as a group, as a whole network and we have worked hard to support Time 2 Meet.

There have been:

Network parties where we have all met together to have a good time.

Holidays and days out

  • There have been lots of holidays taken to Blackpool, Tenby, Devon, as well as some of us have gone on bus tours.
  • Days out to theme parks, museums, race courses, and nature reserves.

Coffee morning in Gorseinon

We have a really good time on a Friday morning where some of us organise a coffee morning in Brighton road, it’s a real place to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.

The ‘Admin group’

This year on Wednesdays we have set up the ‘Admin Group’ through Time 2 Meet. This group put news and information about activities and events on our website, and plans activities and events with members. We have learnt how to work well with each other as well as practical skills like emailing.

Our days

With Day Services days reducing we are looking towards creating more opportunities through Time 2 Meet, as well using our common interests to meet, share resources like staffing and other financial costs, and build friendships.

It is very important that staff support us with activities in our own homes as well as the community. For one of us this includes being an active Daniel O’Donnell fan club member.

We are in the process of developing new support plans so that we can develop new skills in our lives like building on our communication, developing opportunities to fulfil our goals and aspirations.

Developments in our Network.

We are really pleased that we will have tenants moving in together who will be part of Network 1; it’s going to be exciting towelcome new friends and staff into the network.